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Cinema tips for your family day out

Get the latest information on cinema food, films and more.....

Dunelm, what you need to know.

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For low prices and great deals at Amazon

Buy the items you love and support the homeless.

At no cost to you at Give Back Cash Back.

"I think this is the easiest way to help those in need at no extra cost, WOW, I love it"

Jay Edwards

"Its feels good to help others, just by buying the things we need anyway"

Tracy & Sam

"It really does cost nothing to help support good causes, well done Givebackcashback"

Emma D


All you need to know about eBay...

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Laptop and tablet cashback

Looking for a new laptop or tablet?


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The Biggest Online Marketplaces


eBay, Buy & sell electronics, clothes & more on eBay.

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Give Back Cashback, Why We Do This?

Within our communities, we see more and more homeless people on our streets. This issue has become a part of our daily lives.


Many factors are driving homelessness, the largest contributors are financial difficulty and abuse within a home. This issue affects all ages and race.

Our vision is that those who are vulnerable will have somewhere to sleep, food to eat and someone to talk to. We want to help & support the homeless within our Cities.


Using our site you will help the homeless, because..


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