What is cashback? explained.

What is Cashback? We all love to shop, right?

OK, so, people always ask What is cashback, lets talk about this for a moment.

What is cashback

Cashback is when you purchase an item through a cashback website. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to a cashback website (i.e. Givebackcashback)

  2. Click a merchant you would like to purchase an item from.

  3. Browse the merchant (i.e. eBay or Amazon)

  4. Once you want to buy the item just click and purchase.

  5. As long as you went through i.e. givebackcashback you will receive cashback

  6. The amount depends on the item purchase price and cashback percentage.

Cashback is placed into your account for you to use another time. Cashback is an excellent way to raise funds for yourself just by buying the normal items you would have anyway.

Cashback to help others

In our daily lives we all want to help those who are not fortunate as we are. Sometimes people need some support for a short while or long term. We at givebackcashback provide a service where you purchase items with givebackcashback and provide help.

What is Cashback.

We use the commission raised from your purchase (cashback) to support good causes in our Cities.

Using cashback to help others is an innovative solution to a growing problem.

We want to help & support those in need within our Cities, because....

  • USA - 700,000 people are homeless 

  • UK - 300,000 people are homeless

  • India - 1 . 8 million people are homeless 

  • Australia - 120,000 people are homeless

  • Brazil - 120,000 people are homeless


This post, called what is cashback is a beginners guide to what is cashback. Many people still misunderstand the cashback process. There are truly many cashback sites online, however we are unique. We at givebackcashback use this innovative way to support others through the cashback process. So we hope you can support us. Thanks for reading what is cashback.

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