What Is Cashback? All You Need To Know

What are cashback websites?

What is Cashback UK?

Cashback sites set up with the intention of advertising the most popular merchants that are available online.


The business model here is to provide you the consumer with a platform that has available links to the merchants advertised on the site.

The cashback site has set up an programme that links the cashback site to the merchants.

Why do cashback site do this?

With this an agreement that all referrals will generate a small commission paid by the merchant to the cash back site.

The cashback site then gives you the consumer a fee for your business. So basically the consumer and website share commissions raised from the purchase.

What is cashback - why do retailers do this?

This is pure and simple good advertisement best practise. As a retailer in this online dominated industry it has become extremely difficult to survive with the huge online competition.


The internet is a global platform where anyone in any country can sell anything. This has become the most accessible market place for consumers. For retailers it has made them and broken some.


For small business the internet has forced them into closure, unable to compete with the big established brands.

For the fortunate retailers who are able to hold top positions in the retail world cashback sites have become invaluable. 

Historical marketing has required retailers to spend huge fees in advertisement upfront without a single sale!

This in its self has risk, there is no guarantee the advert that a retailer had commissioned will generate sales.

Some would say this is a gamble for the retailer, where do you advertise, when, what is the target audience? There are so many variables to this challenge. 

What is cashback - this is where cashback site's play a huge part.

For retailers there is no upfront advertisement cost, the retailer pays nothing to the website upfront.

The retailer only pays out when a purchase has been made by the consumer through the cashback site.

For retailers this has become the most efficient way of advertising.


Cashback sites have given the retailer the ability to reach huge audiences with little cost and effort.

What is cashback - what does Give Back Cash Back do?

We at Givebackcashback have a vision where no one would be homeless and hungry. In an ideal world there would be no homelessness, everyone would have somewhere to sleep, somewhere to call home, safe place.

Unfortunately people are sleeping on friends and family floors and coaches, these are the lucky few. For the majority of the homeless community the streets are the most common place for them so sleep. 

At givebackcashback we use commission from retailers to provide support for the homeless community. Out aim to to help the homeless in out communities, our cities in the modern world. 

Shop and support the homeless today!

What is cashback
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