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What is Utube? That Is The Question


About YouTube

Since February 14, 2005, YouTube has dominated the online video scene. The founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim had had huge success with this internet sensation.


YouTube has an annual revenue of $15B, mainly driven by advertising streams. 

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—created the service in February 2005.


Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos.

What is utube?


About Utube

utube has become somewhat of a subculture, there are now multiple social media platforms that share content and is a place for users to leave comments. We will share what we have found on utube from across the internet. 


With a modern internet based community slang has become a daily common occurrence. People now search for utube music rather than type the correct format for YouTube music.


Back in the day this would not have been acceptable as it is actually incorrectly spelt. Utube songs is another slang word for the actual true meaning YouTube songs. 

Dictionary definition

utube is for people who are just too lazy to write the word you in front of it...In other words it's YouTube where you can search any uploaded videos on.

Here are links to some great Utube sites, enjoy

On YouTube

Youtube channel, utube playlists available

This channel was created in October 2005. Here is a list of playlists for you to watch.


  • Childhood

  • DIY

  • Animals

  • Music

  • Funny

Visit Utube on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/utube/featured

On Facebook

Facebook page

This page has 8,500 likes and 9000 followers. This page was created on March 1st 2017. Videos posted range from funny family entertainment to trips falls and of course those cute cats and dog videos. 

The page is popular with regular postings from its 9000 followers. 

Visit Facebook: https://www.youtube.com/c/utube/featured

On Instagram


List of video categories posted

  1. Fashion

  2. Food

  3. Design

  4. Travel

  5. Fitness

  6. Nature

  7. Inspiration

  8. Health

  9. Art

  10. Celebrities

  11. Cars

  12. Pranks

  13. Scary pranks

  14. How-to videos

  15. Funny

  16. Funny cat videos

  17. Funny dog videos

  18. Religious

  19. Business

  20. Marketing

  21. Advertising

  22. Life studies

  23. Support

  24. Jewellry

  25. Hobbies

The page is popular with 60,000 posts 

Visit Instagram: https://www.youtube.com/c/utube/featured

On Wikipedia


The oscillating U-tube is a technique to determine the density of liquids and gases based on an electronic measurement of the frequency of oscillation, from which the density value is calculated.


This measuring principle is based on the Mass-Spring Model.

The sample is filled into a container with oscillation capacity. The eigenfrequency of this container is influenced by the sample's mass.


This container with oscillation capacity is a hollow, U-shaped glass tube which is electronically excited into undamped oscillation. The two branches of the U-shaped oscillator function as its spring elements.

Visit Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-tube

Comedy club on Facebook

Comedy club on Facebook

This comedy club channel on the Facebook page has 824,000 followers and 830,000 likes. This is an extremally popular Facebook page. Followers post a variety of topics from a wide range of categories. 

Here is a list of some of the videos categories posted on Utube comedy club.

  1. Memes

  2. Funny people videos

  3. Live feed

  4. News

  5. Stream

  6. Video on animals

  7. Funny videos in general

Contact email: rotation1440@gmail.com

Visit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Comedy-Club/Utube-96028191197/

On Pinterest


This channel on Pinterest is a platform where you will find information on how to drive your YouTube page. There are many opportunities here form basic marketing to more advanced analytical research for your YouTube page.

Here is a list of some examples of what Utube on Pinterest offers.

  1. How to go viral on YouTube

  2. Starting a YouTube channel

  3. How to get views when starting a YouTube channel

  4. 5 YouTube tips for beginner's

  5. How I got my first 1000 subscribers on YouTube

  6. How I make millions on YouTube

  7. How to make thumbnails

  8. How to create videos easily for YouTube

  9. How to start a successful YouTube channel

  10. Tips to go viral

  11. How to put you in YouTube

  12. Why YouTube is a great tool

  13. What is YouTube

  14. The best YouTube channels

  15. How long should a YouTube video be

Visit Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/tlovecal/utube/

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