What is Ultimatix TCS?: What you need to know

What is Ultimatix TCS? Quick review

Every company features a web-based portal dedicated to its employees to retrieve information that is work related. The tool can only be accessed by employees through password verification.


This is fundamental in data protection and a good feature of the tool. Ultimatix TCS is one among those portals for TCS employees only. The tool allows access to important company documents like for example, company policies, and several other functions.

It also has real time instant messaging app called ‘sometime’, a fantastic tool for employees to message each other.

Sometime is a widely used tool for messaging, its smooth, easy to use and favoured by employees.


Key features of Ultimatix TCS

  1. You may download all your salary slides via tcs ultimatix.

  2. You may download important documents such as Bonafede letter, linking letter, appointment letter

  3. You can assess the opportunities out there for you in your business.

  4. Performance management can be used for managing salary increase and marketing.

  5. Company's social networking could be integrated here to connect people and discuss ideas, light moments, ideas.

  6. You can connect to your HR or other people for any aid within company.

  7. Raise workflows

  8. Setting your goals for your annual appraisal

  9. Apply for leave

  10. Apply for sickness absence

  11. TCS Ultimatix app is available to download for employee's to use


How do I log into TCS Ultimatix?

  1. Go to ultimatix.net from your browser. 

  2. Enter the username and password provided you by your TCS department.

  3. Click on “Login” button.

Forgot your password?

Forgot Your Password?

This a a common problem, "what do I do if I have forgotten my Ultimatix password?

There two ways you can regain entry to your Ultimatix account.

  1. You can contact HR representative or your direct supervisor to reset your password.

  2. Enter your employee number and date of joining, click the image to begin the process.