PLAYSTATION PS5 HD Camera, Low Price And Reviews. Get yours today.

Low price on PLAYSTATION PS5 HD Camera

Low price on PLAYSTATION PS5 HD Camera, we reviewed the big retailers and listed the prices for a Playstation HD camera.

We all know that the new Playstation 5 console is the latest and greatest from Sony.

Any serious gameplayer wants the new PS5 and accessories.

The PS5 HD camera is no exception. here is the specification.

PlayStation 5 HD camera specification.

  • Full HD recording

  • Seamless live streaming

  • Background removal

  • Full HD 1080p resolution

  • Built-in stand

  • Background removal tool

  • Dimensions, 41 x 100 x 75 mm (H x W x D)

  • Weight, 0.35 kg

I recently bought a PS5 for my sone and it is awesome. The gameplay is smooth and the loading time is lighting fast. I also bought a PS5 HD camera.

As a parent I always look for the lowest price so to save money, this does mean I spend time looking around.

Just for you, I have listed the most popular retailers and the cost of the new Playstation 5 HD camera.

Here is a list of retailers and the cost of the new PS5 HD camera.

How much will the ps5 camera cost?

  • Amazon - £48.99

  • Currys - £49.99

  • Argos - £49.99

  • eBay £49.99

  • Zavvi - £49.99

  • Game - £49.99

It is clear from the list above that the price for the PS5 HD camera is similar across the main online retailers. I actually bought my camera from Amazon.

With Amazon prime, I received the camera the very next day.

My wife would say that I am not the most tech-savvy guy in the world, well I agree. It does take some time for me to set your most basic electronics.

Saying that I have put a video in on how to set up your PS5 HD camera. I hope this helps you set your new PS5 camera up.

How to set up a PS5 HD camera.

Platstation 5 HD camera FAQ.

What is ps5 HD camera for?

The PS5 HD camera has a built-in stereo wide-angle lens that can capture 1080p. This is ideal for a 4K focused console.

Should I buy a PS5 camera?


The PS5 camera is well worth the cost. High quality and great looking. The PS5 camera is not compatible with the PSVR headset. You will need a separate one.

How do you use the ps5 camera?

Please see the video above on how to use the camera.

How do I stream from my ps5?

  1. Press the create button on your controller and select broadcast

  2. Select broadcast from your customized control centre.

Playstation 5 HD camera review

Ok folks, let's talk about the PS5 HD Camera. This is the only camera available for the PS5 at this present moment in time. For some reason, there is no other alternative third party camera available?

So, for now, you have no choice but to buy and use this PS5 HD camera. Maybe in the near future, other brands may start to sell a compatible camera for you to use,

I don't know. For me, I like this camera and always like to buy a quality product. I am not saying other brands are not so good,

I am saying that I like the fact that a Sony PlayStation 5 HD camera is a good fit for my PS5.

PlayStation5 HD Camera 1080p Capture

Capture yourself in sharp full-HD with the camera's dual wide-angle lenses as you live out your most epic gaming moments.

Easily make a recording of yourself and your gameplay, with your DualSense™ wireless controllers create button.

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