Educake, What You Need To Know.

Educake, What You Need To Know.

What is Educake?

Educake was established in 2011 and is based in Oxford,

the United Kingdom. Educake provides high-quality homework and revision for multiple KS3 and GCSE topics.

The service covers both teachers and students with their simple, user-friendly online portal.

There are many similar services online, however, Educake rank one of the best.

Subjects that Educake support

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Geography

  • History

  • Computer science

Educake has a resource of over 30,000 educational questions. The system is fully automated which makes marking question effortless.

The smart tool accepts spelling mistakes which some other online education services don't. The user experience is smooth and extremely easy to navigate.

All questions have been written by teachers to ensure quality and up to date relevance.

Educake provides an online service for Teachers and Students.

What do Teachers get?

Educake has thousands of science, English, maths, geography, history, and computer science questions for you to assign to your students, all automatically marked and analysed for you.

Each question is carefully written to assess and improve students' knowledge and understanding.

The results page gives you the teacher insights into your student's strengths and weaknesses. For this analysis, you can perform a gap analysis of your student and tailer homework to reflect.

My wife is a teacher and one of the daily challenges in her role is marking. This activity can take up to an hour per day. Educake's automated system removes this task from you enabling you to focus on other key activities.

"You save ~5hours per week"

The tool gives you visibility of what questions your students have set for themselves, you can see the whole school of filter down by date.

Students have visibility of there personal strengths and weaknesses. The coloured table shows this and students can click red and creates a revision test. This makes the students and teachers role more efficient.

What do students get?

Students always ask this question, my wife interviewed 25 students, 78% of them asked this question, what's in this for me?

Well, Educake makes homework easier for you the student, here are some examples.

  • You can log in and do your homework anytime, no need to wait for teachers

  • You can use any device that connects to the internet

  • Short questions

  • Teachers set your homework for you to access

  • Set yourself tests to improve your knowledge

  • Get instant feedback on your homework

  • Get instant feedback on every question

  • You select the topic and number of questions

  • See your strengths and weaknesses anytime

Let's talk cost, what does Educake charge for this service?

Subscriptions include full access to Educake for that subject and quick and friendly help from our support team based in Oxford, UK.

There are no limits on the numbers of students or teachers and there are no hidden charges.

  • English subscription - £800 a year (plus VAT)

  • Maths subscription - £800 a year (plus VAT)

  • Science subscription - £800 a year (plus VAT)

  • Geography subscription - £500 a year (plus VAT)

  • History subscription - £500 a year (plus VAT)

  • Computer Science subscription - £500 a year (plus VAT)

Does Educake have a free trial for potential customers?


  • They offer a 30-day fully-functional trial.

  • Unlimited student and teacher accounts, and access to all the thousands of questions.

  • No payments details required for the free trial

Educake social media channels


Contact details for Educake

Phone number: +44 (0) 1865 800 808. Call between 8am to 5pm weekdays.


Educake help centre:

Get the app here

App store:

Google Play:

Access your Educake homework anywhere at any time with our free student app

Educake is now even easier to use with our apps for phones and tablets.


Educake provides an excellent teacher-student online homework service. Fully automated to take away non-value-added tasks. The teacher will save ~5hours per week with the automated homework marking service.

This function alone will save the school money in the long run, actually, it pays for its self over time. Great ROI.

The service is great for a student in identifying gaps and opportunities in their learning. The system then assigns tests to improve the learning gap.

Great service and value for money. Definitely worthwhile for any school.

Frequently asked questions

Does Educake work on a mobile phone?


The app is functional and user friendly.

Does Educake provide a free trial?


A 30-day trial is available, see above for details.

Is Educake trustworthy?


It's a reputable business with many satisfied customers.

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