Debt Camel, What Is Debt Camel? What You Need To Know In 2021

Debt camel, What You Need To Know

What Is Debt Camel?

Debt camel was founded in 2013 by Debt advisor Sara Williams (Personal website). This site offers straight forward debt advice that cuts out all those financial buzz words.

I was impressed by the fact that Debt camel has a large community that raise key debt concerns that are responded to by Debt camel (Sara Williams). Its rare these days to find such excellent empathetic responses that are concise and rich in support.

Clear debt information from a very experienced advisor.

I heard about Debt Camel from a friend who found themselves in a difficult financial situation.

After seeking debt information from several online sources and becoming even more confused they discovered Debt camel.

My friend then walked me through what information was discovered and what happened next.

Debt camel is a user-friendly debt resource that is easily relatable and has a wealth of support data. My friend has already recommended Debt camel to his family members.

What Is Debt Camel?

What services do Debt Camel offer?


  • Amego - Possible Scheme

  • Guarantor loans

  • Doorstep loan refunds

  • Catalogues, credit cards and overdrafts

  • Refunds from large high-cost loans

  • Payday loan refunds

Debt Problems

  • Priority debs

  • Sold to a debt collector

  • Old debt

  • CCJ's

  • Bailiffs

Debt Solutions

  • Debt management plans

  • Bankruptcy

  • Debt relief orders

  • IVA's

  • Compare to solutions


  • Budgeting and saving

  • Credit ratings and mortgages

What services does Debt camel offers?

Debt Camels Blog

Here you will find a vast source of debt information.

Contact Debt Camel

Here you will find a contact form.

By letter: Address for correspondence

Sara Williams, c/o 101 Hyholmes, Peterborough. PE3 8LH.

Debt camel recommended resources

Face to face

Citizens Advice: About Citizens Advice

We give people the knowledge and confidence they need to find their way forward - whoever they are, and whatever their problem.

Our network of charities offers confidential advice online, over the phone, and in-person, for free.

Christians Against Poverty

With a small donation and big faith, John Kirkby started Christians Against Poverty in 1996. He believed God was calling him to sacrifice his career in finance and use his knowledge of the industry to help the poor.

By phone or webchat

National Debtline: Contact number: 0808 808 4000

National Debtline is a debt advice charity run by the Money Advice Trust.

They are a free and confidential debt advice service for people in England, Wales and Scotland. They have helped millions of people deal with their debts.

StepChange: Contact number: 0800 138 1111

The team of debt experts help 635,000 people a year to deal with their debt problems.

With 25 years' experience, you can be confident that they can provide the advice and support you need to achieve long-term financial control.

They offer free debt advice that is based on a comprehensive assessment of your situation. They will then provide practical help and support for however long it’s needed.

Debt Free London: Contact number, Free helpline - 0800 808 5700

Debt Free London is a unique partnership of charities led by Toynbee Hall and funded by the Money and Pensions Service, that provides free, expert advice to Londoners with problem debt.

Scotland or Northern Ireland

Money Advice Scotland

Northern Ireland, contact your local Citizens Advice or phone the NI Debt Helpline: Contact number `0800 028 1881.

Debt camel recommended resources

General financial advice

Money advice service

Mental health concerns?

An excellent article about what you can do yourself, Click here.

24/7 support

Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 – any time of the day or night.

Top Debt Camel Pages

Bottom line

Debt Camel is a fantastic resource for your debt issues, an easy to navigate website with clear links. This site covers a wide range of topics with in-depth knowledge and great community communication.

Responses from Debt camel to its community comments are good. The site has a blog that really covers the main debt problems we face in today's society.

The blog is well written and clear for all to understand. Debt camels recommendation are above. Please read the article I have linked to on mental health. It's one of the best I have read.

I highly recommend Debt Camel as a top debt information resource site. Visit Debt camel today to help yourself with debt management, Click here.

National UK Debt Statistics For 2020

  • People in the UK owed £1,888 billion at the end of December 2020.

  • This is up by £21 billion from £1,867 billion at the end of October 2019,

  • An increase of £482 per UK adult over the year.

  • The average total debt per household was £61,870.

  • Per adult, this was £32,764, around 107.5% of average earnings.

National UK Debt Statistics For 2020

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