Craigslist Tampa, What's Going On In 2021

Craigslist Tampa Bay Area

Craigslist Tampa Bay Area.

I recently visited Tampa Bay with the wife for some well-deserved vacation time. The wife and I did the usual tourist activities and visited,

  • The Sunshine Skyway Bridge - loved this

  • Big Cat Rescue - the wife's favourite

  • Tampa Riverwalk

  • ZooTampa at Lowry Park

  • The Florida Aquarium - for me more than the wife!

"We loved them all, although we did spend many hours in some fantastic restaurants."

Where does craigslist Tampa come into this?

Well, my friend Emilio introduced me to Craigslist, which was totally new to me.

Emilio was looking for a guide who would drive us around Tampa Bay and show us the best non-tourist places of interest. Where the locals go to chill and eat, we always enjoy the offbeat kind of experience.

I thought he was mad, I wanted to grab an Uber and just wing it, however, he said, he could do this. He posted an add on Craigslist tamp and within 1 hour had 23 responses!! "what"

Granted some response was questionable, to say the least. One resident of Tampa bay wanted to show us his collection of serial killer memorabilia?

We gave that guy a miss, don't know why he just did not seem like the kind of guide we were looking for. "Would you?

After several phone conversations, Emilio selected an individual. We met the gentleman 2 hours later, his name was Steven.

Steven was a born and bred Tampa bay guy who has never left the country. He was so enthusiastic and took this offer to meet new people, what can I say, awesome.

After a day of fantastic site seeing and the food, we parted with our guide and went straight to the closest bar for a few cold beers (and wings).

Later that evening the wife and I were treated to some local cuisine, for the first time we tried a Cuban sandwich and deviled crab, This was truly a treat, the flavours were amazing.

"WOW" they were so delicious. I wish they had that type of cuisine back home, fresh and cooked right in front of you.

Definitely a highlight of our visit.

"I was shocked how easy it was to find this type of service so easy on craigslist Tampa. So, being who I am I then proceeded to purchase a set of binoculars!"

What can I say Craigslist is awesome. The wife and I now regularly use Craigslist for smaller, unique purchases. I must say if you have never used this online service before, try it. You may be surprised.

Visit Craigslist Tampa.

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Craigslist Tampa by location

Craigslist fun facts and statistics

  • Craigslist has >60 million U.S. users

  • 50 billion page views every month!

  • Generates $1 Billion PA

  • Has 50 employees

  • Launched 1995

  • Founder, Craig Newmark

  • Available in 19 languages

  • Has over 100 forums

  • Craigslist users view 9.2 million ads for used cars on the site every day.

  • Craigslist is the 7th most viewed website in the United States.

  • With more than 700 local Craigslist sites in 70 countries

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