UK Cashback to help others.

In our daily lives we all want to help those who are not fortunate as we are. Sometimes people need some support for a short while or long term.

We at givebackcashback provide a service where you purchase items with givebackcashback and provide help.


We use the commission raised from your purchase (cashback) to support good causes in our Cities.

Homelessness in out communities has become an issue that we all must support. People are finding themselves homeless due to many factors.

The main contributors to homelessness are financial issues and domestic violence. With most families one pay check away from financial ruin this is a major concern.

This issue can impact all walks of live and race, it does not discriminate.

Using cashback to help others is an innovative solution to a growing problem.

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Homeless statistics

We want to help & support those in need within our Cities, because....

USA - 700,000 people are homeless 

UK - 300,000 people are homeless

India - 1 . 8 million people are homeless 

Australia - 120,000 people are homeless

Brazil - 120,000 people are homeless


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