Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Get the most anticipated Call Of Duty to date - MODERN WARFARE 2019.

I have been a call of duty fan since day 1, I am so excited for this new game. I confess I play way too much COD, its the only game i play.

Multiplayer or story mode ? This is the one for you. Call of duty _ Modern warfare 2019.

Multiplayer modes • Hardpoint • Search & Destroy • Capture The Flag • Domination • Infection • Gunfight • Cyber Attack • Kill Confirmed • Headquarters • Ground War • Team Deathmatch • Gun Game • Musical Chairs • War

Weapon up and play in multiplayer mode. My favourite play, domination. Its awesome to get that position and and dominate the game-play.

You can go crazy or be a tactical player, the chose is yours.

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