Los Angeles homeless crisis, skid row, can it be resolved in 2020?

Los Angeles homeless crisis, skid row, can it be resolved in 2020 with Covid?

Los Angeles and the homeless crisis.

Community support for the homeless in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles has 60,000 people who are homeless every single night! This is a polar difference to the glamour many believe L.A. stands for across the globe

Unfortunately homelessness in our modern cities is not uncommon. In fact it is becoming more and more of an accepted reality.

In a 2018 poll, 84 percent of residents said homelessness was a “very serious issue” affecting Los Angeles.


Service providers say a key part of addressing the crisis is leveraging that level of public concern about the issue.

“I truly believe at this point that this is much larger than just a governmental issue,” says Freed.


“This is a community problem affecting everyone, and as a community we need to be able to step up and support each other.”


She says people looking to help could consider opening their own homes to those who are homeless.


“There’s a lot of people who have empty bedrooms who could rent a room, and there’s a lot of people who they could be connected with—who don’t necessarily need to be part of the [homeless services] system but have simply fallen into the system because of their inability to afford rent,” Freed says.


Weinert says those without a room to spare could consider donating a bit of their time.

“We have daily volunteer opportunities for people to come and learn on the front lines of this issue,” he says.


To Hubbard, the most important thing is that people are aware of work that’s already being done—and that it can take time.


“If we can spend more time educating people how the system is working, that will give them more of an understanding of why [people we work with] aren’t housed within the next week,” he says.

Los Angeles and the homeless and Covid 2020.


Last week, the council advanced a measure that bans landlords from evicting commercial and residential tenants impacted by COVID-19.


Some councilmembers, including Bonin, had wanted that measure to travel farther than the eviction moratorium Mayor Eric Garcetti already put in situ. 


But a draft ordinance released today by the city attorney’s office closely resembles what the mayor has already achieved.

Under the mayor’s moratorium, landlords are barred from evicting tenants who haven't paid rent thanks to COVID-19-related loss of income.

The measure also gives tenants six months to repay any rent they owe.

 “We knew that... we were getting to need to continue pushing to urge more of our demands met,” Huerta Jones says.


A street vendor leader with the group Vendedores en Acción, Vasquez says she relies on street vending as her sole source of income.


She lives together with her daughter, and both usually contribute to the rent.

Los Angeles and the homeless and Covid 2020.
Los Angeles and the homeless and Covid 2020.


The mayor’s eviction moratorium requires renters to prove that they were impacted. Vasquez doesn’t know how she’s going to do that.


There’s no official list of the types of documents that suffice as proof, but suggestions from the city’s housing department includes pay stubs and bank statements—paperwork which vendors and other undocumented Angelenos don’t always have.


Huerta Jones says tons of the stress the collective is making are issues that the town should have addressed “months, if not years ago,” like rapidly housing homeless residents and aggressively acting to stem evictions.

Los Angeles has always had a homeless situation. With Los Angels being a modern, highly populated city this is that attracts many people due to its celebrity, Hollywood dream. Some leading to becoming homeless.

The current situation is that 60,000 people are homeless every night. This is a statistical number the government can not ignore. 

These numbers are made up of people with mental issues and drug addiction, some have lost there homes due to finances. 

We hope one day there will be no homeless people in Los Angeles. Maybe this is a pipe dream? We hope being homeless in Los Angeles will end.


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