Is there Corona virus and Bangladesh

Is there Corona virus and Bangladesh

Is there Coronavirus in Bangladesh? There have been no reported cases of Corona virus in Bangladesh to date. 


The main concern is the highly populated areas within Bangladesh.


This country has the perfect human to human potential to spread the disease corona virus. 

With a high percentage of Bangladeshi people living below the poverty line this issue would have a massive impact.


Medication and care are limited to those with funds to support.


The Bangladeshi government is stating the disease has not yet impacted the country, unfortunately corona virus does not spare countries or individuals. 

The United States and China have also expressed concern about Bangladesh as a high-risk country for the corona virus.


The epidemic has so far affected 73 countries, including Bangladesh’s neighbour India. Worldwide, the virus has killed about 3,000 people, and infected more than 90,000.

One of the problems faced my Bangladeshi citizens is the lack of funds to prepare for a lock down, self isolation. 

Where as countries such as the USA and UK have the ability for its populate to buy and store food and basic items during the lock down period.

Bangladeshi people will not be able to prepare for such an event, most can not afford the day to day survival, not alone prepare for a month of so. 

This is concerning the the government due the fact a large percentage of people do not have enough to eat ans support their families. 

Unfortunately this will cause issues like hunger, lack of basic sanitation and mediation. 

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