Dunelm curtains: What you need to know

Dunelm Mill curtains​

Dunelm are most definitely a leading retailer in curtains and blinds. The range varies from the classic drapes to more of a modern look. You can choose from a variety of eyelet curtains and pencil pleat curtains with a range of different linings.


Dunelm Mill have a large variety of styles that will suit any taste for any home no matter what your creativity may desire. You will not regret your purchase from Dunelm Mill, the leading retailer in curtains where quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are extremely fashionable and make a dramatic feature of a room thanks to the deep folds of fabric. Traditionally Eyelet curtains hang from a pole, this can vary in style and material depending on taste.


Eyelet curtains come in a variety of materials and colours, from the subtle to the bolder adventurous taste. As standard eyelet curtains are threaded through metal rings or wooden rings.


Pencil Pleat Curtains: What are Pencil Pleat Curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains are a classic type of curtain style. Folds of fabric are tightly grouped to create a heading that resembles a line of pencils. You can choose pencil pleat curtains for either poles or tracks.


Pencil pleat curtains suits all curtain tracking types and hanging then is simple, see below.


How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains?

The top of your pencil pleat curtains has a heading tape stitched across the top. There are sets of strings into which you insert your hooks. At the end of the curtains you will see 3 loose strings that are later pulled to put the pleats into the curtains.


Step by step guide on how to hang pencil pleat curtains.

  1. Understand which row you want to put the curtain hooks in. The row chosen will depend on where you want the bottom of the curtains to hang.

  2. Insert the hooks into every 4th pocket. This is the recommended gap size that will give you the ideal look and feel.

  3. Ensure that the strings are tied together at one end of the curtains. This will stop the strings from being pulled through later.

  4. Pull all three strings at the same time until the curtains are just over half the width of the curtain track or poles.

  5. Tie the strings together you have just pulled using a knot that you can easily undo in the event of needing to adjust the fullness.

  6. Distribute the pleats evenly across the width of the curtains.

  7. Slide the curtain gliders onto the track or attach the hooks to the gliders or curtain ring.

  8. Adjust if required to achieve the desirable look.


Dunelm blackout curtains review

With the lighter days and evenings its important to block out daylight to ensure a good sleep. Dunelm Mill blackout curtains are ideal for children and light sleepers.

What are blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are a foam-backed, opaque fabric used to black out light.


They are tightly woven fabrics which are produced using multiple layers.


Blackout curtains are most commonly found in hotel rooms, blocking much of the light to ensure a good night’s sleep for their guests.


Black out curtains also keep the room cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, also great for noise reduction. Ideal for light sleepers, children and babies. Even ideal for the occasional afternoon nap.


Dunelm have a great selection in a variety of colours and styles. Blue, grey, black and pink are the most popular colours.


Brands available

  • The luxury collection

  • Dorma

  • Disney

  • Elements

  • 5a

  • Paw patrol

Note: There are three types of blackout curtains.


Standard blackout – as above


Blackout thermal curtains

Block out draughts in the winter and keep your room cool in the summer.


Ultra-blackout curtains

These curtains block out as much light a possible. Good for night shift workers. The highest blackout available.

Dunelm net curtains review

Dunelm Mill net curtains are ideal for your privacy whilst letting daylight fill your room. There are many styles and colours of net curtains to choose from. 

Summer time can be wonderful if you have french doors leading to your garden, use net curtains to keep those pestering insects from your space. 

Dunelm, how to measure curtains?

This is a guide on how you measure curtains

Curtain width: Measure the width of your pole

Top tip, Dunelm how to measure curtains: For the best fit, we recommend that your pole should be 15cm/6" above your window and overhand 15-20cm/8-8" each side of the window frame.

-For poles up to 200cm you should order standard width curtains (135cm)

-If your pole measures between 200-260cm then we recommend you opt for WIDE width curtains (165cm)


Top tip, Dunelm how to measure curtains: The combination of pole length and curtain widths you choose will affect how your curtains gather, e.g. whether they're full/tight or flatter/looser.

Curtain length:

-Measure the curtain drop from the top of the pole to where you want the Dunelm mill curtain to finish

-If the drop is up to 137/54" then you should order standard-length curtains (137cm)


-If the drop is up to 183cm/72" then you should opt for long length curtains (183cm)


TOP TIP: If your window is over a radiator, curtains should end 2-3cm/1" above the top of the radiator. This will help prevent heat from escaping behind the curtain.

Dunelm stores

Visit your local Denelm store today or book an  appointment with a consultant. 



Dunelm opening hours

Monday 09:00 - 20:00

Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00

Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00

Thursday 09:00 - 20:00

Friday 09:00 - 20:00

Saturday 09:00 - 18:00

Sunday 10:30 - 16:30

Dunelm opening times

Dunelm ready made curtains review


Dunelm ready made curtains are the most convenient way to select your ideal set of beautiful window dressings. There are over 800 ready made curtains in different colours, thickness and styles. No doubt you will find your next set of Dunelm ready made curtains at your local store. 

When selecting your curtains remember to know what you want before visiting the store or buying online.

This might sound like strange but the perfect set of curtains depends on many factors. 

For example:

  • Fabric: polyester, cotton, polycotton or linen.

  • Brands: Dunelm, Luxury collection, Fusion, Dorma and Elements.

  • Extended sizes: Longer drops and larger widths.

  • Type:  dunelm eyelet curtains, dunelm pencil pleat curtains and tab top curtains.

  • Discounts: 30 to 50% off on certain curtains.

Examples of Dunelm colour's - We have selected the most beautiful and best examples.

  • Grey curtains - one of the bestselling colours within the range shades vary.

  • Blue curtains - a common colour that comes in light blue, sky blue the lovely navy blue.

  • Yellow curtains - light yellow, cannery to dark yellow. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, light and bright.

  • Egg curtains - very pleasant in warm lighting. Can give a relaxing feel to any room.

  • Green curtains - Margot jade matt velour eyelet curtains, nova teal blackout eyelet curtains, nova jade blackout eyelet curtains, delamere green jacquard pencil pleat curtains.

  • Teal curtains - nova teal blackout eyelet curtains, Luna teal blackout pencil pleat curtains, jasper teal geometric blackout eyelet curtains, honesty teal thermal eyelet curtains,

  • Dunelm Checked curtains - Luna brushed check dove grey blackout eyelet curtains, Melrose natural check eyelet curtains, Logan check ochre eyelet curtains.

  • Balmoral curtains - balmoral duck-egg eyelet curtains, balmoral ochre eyelet curtains, balmoral green eyelet curtains, balmoral red eyelet curtains.

  • Chenille curtains - chenille slate eyelet curtains, chenille ochre blackout eyelet curtains, chenille navy blackout eyelet curtains, chenille pewter blackout eyelet curtains.

  • Tartan curtains - Fyfe check ochre eyelet curtains, Lennox check navy blackout eyelet curtains, 

  • Bird curtains - beautiful birds duck-egg thermal eyelet curtains, beautiful birds white single tab top voile panel.

  • Purple curtains - solar aubergine blackout eyelet curtains, solar mauve blackout eyelet curtains.

  • Navy curtains - solar navy blackout eyelet curtains, Vermont navy eyelet curtains

  • Floral curtains - floral butterfly pink blackout eyelet curtains, sweet trees ochre eyelet curtains.

  • Gold curtains - Chicago old gold jacquard blackout eyelet curtains, nova old gold blackout eyelet curtains, Esme gold jacquard eyelet curtains.

  • Crushed velvet curtains - crushed velour blush pencil pleat curtains.


​We have compiled a list of the most popular types of Dunelm curtain tops

  • Single Pleat

  • Pinch Pleat

  • Tie Top

  • Pencil Pleat

  • Duo Pleat

  • Eyelets

  • Tempo Wave

  • Goblet Style

  • Goblet Style With Buttons

  • Inverted Pleat

  • Slot Top

  • Tab Top

The type of curtain tops depends on your personal style. You may choose a classic or modern look. Understand the style of the room before selecting your perfect curtain top.


This will ensure a beautiful common theme throughout.


Generally net curtains are not ideal to block out daylight.


They do reduce daylight, but by no means completely block out daylight.


The ideal solution is to use black out curtains. 

blackout net curtains

Dunelm shower curtains

With a large selection of stylish shower curtains Dunelm offer a range from children's, classic and modern varieties. They are machine washable, easy to fit and sizes are W 180cm x L 180cm.

How to install a shower rail and curtain: Step by step guide

Installing a shower curtain is sometimes a challenge, our step by step guide will make it easier for you.

This step by step guide will show you how to install a straight shower rail with a twist-and-lock fixture.

  1. Fix the curtain rings onto the rail

  2. Ensure your shower curtain is facing the right way, pattern facing outward

  3. Thread the rings through the holes in the shower curtain

  4. Hold the rail over the shower tray

  5. Adjust the length by twisting and sliding the rods so the curtain is aligned with the edges of the tray

  6. Twist again to lock the rail at the right length

  7. Adjust the height of the rail so the curtain hangs at least 10 - 15 cm inside the tray

  8. Make sure it doesn't touch the floor so it can dry properly

  9. Twist again to lock the rail at the right length

  10. Check that your curtain rail is level with a small spirit level

Always read the instructions before use. The safety information is important.

Dunelm children's curtains review

​We have selected a range of amazing fun curtains just for children, from dinosaurs to pink stars. 

  • Disney winnie the pooh blackout pencil pleat kids’ curtains

  • Football blackout eyelet curtains

  • Space navy blackout eyelet kids’ curtains

  • Butterflies blackout eyelet kids’ curtains

  • Ballet eyelet curtains

  • Roar! Dinosaur blackout eyelet kids’ curtains

  • Space navy blackout eyelet kids’ curtains

  • Catherine lansfield blue football pencil pleat curtains

  • Monkeying around blackout eyelet curtains

  • Knights and dragon’s blackout eyelet curtains

  • Pink stars blackout eyelet curtains

Dunelm children's curtains

Dunelm net curtains by the metre

Currently Dunelm sell net curtains by a fixed size, the end cost does depend of the type of  net curtains you require. Please see below for an example of current sizes available. 

Dunelm Sale review

Dunelm regularly offer high quality product’s at low cost prices, some up to 50% off. Here are some examples of the most popular sale items.


Bedding sale: 50% off 

  • Luxury brushed cotton standard fitted sheets

  • Emma Willis Klara striped reversible duvet cover and pillowcase set

  • Yasmin natural reversible duvet cover and pillowcase set

  • Cotton rich sateen fitted sheet

  • 5A fifth avenue duvet cover and pillowcase set


Curtain’s sale: 50% off 

  • Regan Pebble eyelet curtains

  • Heavenly hummingbird duck egg eyelet curtains

  • Novella beige pencil pleat curtains

  • Balmoral duck-egg eyelet curtains

  • Delamere green jacquard pencil pleat curtains


Furniture sale: 30% off 

  • Viola smoke mirrored 4 drawer chests

  • Compton taupe mini sideboard

  • Sidemouth cream console table with baskets

  • Farrington acacia bar stool

  • Mia white set of 2 coffee tables


Rug sale: 50% off 

  • Sheepskin rug

  • Teal teddy bear rug

  • Ochre abstract geometric circles rug

  • Oriental rug

  • Slumber shaggy circle rug


Bathroom sale: 50% off 

  • Sparkle soap dispenser

  • Cream ultimate towel sets

  • Chestnut Egyptian cotton towel

  • Voyager brass duck

  • Luxury cotton grape non slip bathmat


Lighting sale: 50% off 

  • Tanner 1 light copper ceiling fitting

  • Galley dusty pink easy fit pendant

  • Ruby 29cm tapered navy shade

  • Eclipse 3 tier floor lamp

  • Kingston chrome easy fit pendant


Home decor sale: 50% off

  • Laying down rabbit tealight holder

  • Champagne ascot photo frame

  • Ceramic tribal vase

  • Artificial succulent green in bird pot 11cm

  • Wax lyrical English country garden reed


Cook and dine sale: 50% off

  • Country fayre wooden egg house

  • Spectrum can opener

  • 4 pack red wine glass set

  • Stainless steel and black silicone solid spoon

  • Brushed steel storage canister

Cushions sale: 50% off

  • Dorma Sophia cushion

  • Regan pebble cushion

  • Oxford edge slub cushion

  • Logan check multi-coloured cushion

  • Calera embroidered gold square cushion

Storage sale: 50% off

  • Wall mounted yellow beaded coat hook

  • Foldable black sequin storage box

  • Faux leather faux fur grey storage

  • Wham studio plastic storage basket

  • Purity 4 drawer wide tower


Electricals sale: 50% off

  • Dunelm 4 slice toaster

  • Breville VKT124 hot water dispenser

  • Dunelm bling 1.7l white pyramid kettle

Baby and kids’ sale: 50% off

  • Giant shark plush

  • Emmott tote changing bag

  • Daisy mouse duvet cover and pillowcase

  • Essential black changing bag

  • Magical wonderland duvet cover and pillowcase set


These are only some examples of the fantastic Dunelm sale offerings, guaranteed quality at low prices.

Dunelm curtain pole

Curtain poles

Dunelm offer a wide range of curtain poles that are beautifully made and will meet your creative expectations. Here are some examples of what Dunelm offer in curtain poles.


We have reviewed Dunelm curtain poles and selected the following top 10 as our favourites.

  1. Holford Fixed Satin Silver Curtain Pole Dia. 28mm

  2. Ashton Extendable Satin Steel Curtain Pole Dia. 16/19mm

  3. Ashton Fixed Putty Curtain Pole Dia. 28mm

  4. Spectrum Extendable Chrome Curtain Pole Dia. 16/19mm

  5. Ashton Satin Steel 4m Eyelet Bay Pole Dia. 28mm

  6. Trumpet Extendable Black Curtain Pole Dia. 16/19mm

  7. Ashton Fixed Waxed Oak Effect Curtain Pole Dia. 28mm

  8. Ashton Extendable Chrome Eyelet Curtain Pole Dia. 25/28mm

  9. Mayfair Extendable Satin Silver Cafe Curtain Pole Dia. 10/12mm

  10. Diamante Cluster Satin Silver Eyelet Curtain Pole Dia. 28mm

Some more information on Dunelm curtain poles


Types of curtain poles

  • Extendable poles

  • Fixed pole

  • Eyelet pole

  • Curtain wires and rods

  • Bay pole


Range of curtain poles

  • Ashton

  • Trinity

  • Mix and match

  • Universal

  • Oslo

  • Holford

  • Trumpet

  • Harper

  • Vienna

  • Venice


Material of curtain poles

  • Metal

  • Wood

  • Stainless steel


Brand of curtain poles

  • Dunelm

  • Swish

  • Speedy

  • 5A

  • Dorma

  • Hotel


Colour of curtain poles

  • Silver

  • Grey

  • White

  • Brown

  • Gold

  • Black

  • Natural

  • Clear

How to put up a curtain pole

A guide on how to put up a curtain pole


The tools you need for the job.

  • Drill with bit – cordless is easier

  • Tape measure

  • Screwdriver – Normally a Philips screwdriver

  • Step ladders – have someone to help if needed

  • Spirit level – Always good to ensure the pole if straight



Step 1: Measure for your curtain pole

To measure for a pole, first measure the width of the window. Your fitting should extend about 15cm each side to allow your curtains to fully block any daylight, so add a total of 30cm to your measurement.


This is the width your pole should be.

Step 2: Measure for the centre point of your pole

To get a centred pole, or to measure for the centre bracket if your curtain pole requires it, you need to find the middle of your window and mark it.


Most poles are positioned 15cm up from the top of the window, so now mark this distance from the centre point.

Step 3: Measure for the end brackets

Curtain poles usually require two brackets at either end of the pole, positioned 10cm in from the end.


To position these, take your total width measurement from Step 1, and use your tape measure to mark the end points on the wall. Then mark 10cm in from each end point. Don’t forget this step.


Curtain tracks usually require more brackets which should be evenly spaced. Your instructions will detail what the distance between these points should be.


Step 4: Fix your brackets and add the pole

Drill holes for your brackets at each marked point - your instructions will tell you the drill bit width required.


Make sure you use the appropriate bit for the type of material you are drilling into.


Add the wall plugs, supplied with most curtain pole and fix your brackets using a screwdriver. Now position your pole to the brackets and follow the instructions to secure in place.