Coronavirus: What measures are countries taking to prevent it?

How many tests are being carried out?

There is considerable variation in what percentage people are being tested for coronavirus round the world, and there's not information from every country.

South Korea has been completing more tests per head of population than anyone else, with nearly 20,000 people tested a day .

By mid-March, the united kingdom was testing quite 6,000 each day - although there are now plans to ramp this up to 10,000, and eventually 25,000 a day.

The US has so far carried out considerably fewer tests, with reports of shortages at some health centres.

It's not clear exactly how many people have been tested so far, but one estimate says that as of 19

March, it was just over 82,000 in total.

Who has closed schools and colleges?

More and more countries are doing so.

Coronavirus has a serious impact on the sporting calendar.

The UN's educational, scientific and cultural body Unesco says that as of 18 March, 107 countries had closed all their schools.


A further 12 had closed some schools at a local level.

The UK announced on 18 March that all schools would be closing until further notice, except for certain groups of children.

The Republic of Ireland has already closed its schools and colleges until 29 March, and there have been school closures at national or local level in other European countries.

Germany also announced school closures this week.

China shut schools in many areas, and Japan has asked all schools to shut until the top of the varsity year, which is in late March.

Italy has closed all its schools until April as a part of the nationwide lockdown. There have also been nationwide shutdowns in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

What about sporting and cultural events?

Coronavirus has a serious impact on the sporting calendar.

Coronavirus has a serious impact on the sporting calendar.

Football matches were already being cancelled or played in empty stadiums, but after variety of players and coaches tested positive for the virus in various countries, the authorities have now gone further.

Uefa has postponed all matches in the Champions and Europa Leagues. Other leagues around the world have also been suspended, including all English football until 30 April at the earliest.


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And in Formula 1 motor racing, the Dutch, Spanish and Monaco Grands Prix have been postponed.

The Indian Wells tennis tournament in California was cancelled after a public health emergency was declared for the Coachella Valley.

A number of marathons have been affected - Barcelona's has been moved from 15 March to 25 October and the London marathon has been put back from April until October.

Who is restricting travel from abroad?

A lot of nations have now limited entry, or imposed other sorts of restriction on travellers. And airlines have also cancelled flights on some routes.

Australia and New Zealand have said they're banning entry to all or any foreigners.

Canada, the US and the European Union have also imposed border restrictions.

The EU this week effectively sealed its external borders to anyone from outside the bloc for at least 30 days.

The US has told its citizens not to travel outside the country, warning that they could find themselves having to remain abroad for an indefinite period.

The UK government has urged British citizens not to travel abroad at all unless it's essential.

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