God ‘using coronavirus for good’ Christian blogger says.

God ‘using coronavirus for good’ because are women being ‘pushed back into homes’, Christian blogger says.

A CHRISTIAN blogger claims God is "using coronavirus for the great of mankind" because women are being "pushed back to their homes". Just like the OLD days.

Lori Alexander, who wrote the facility of a Transformed Wife, maintains the deadly disease that has killed a minimum of 66 Americans and sickened over 3,600 people features a spiritual bright side. 


Although coronavirus may have killed and infected thousands of patients around the world, Alexander, 60, thinks there could even be a warped silver lining.

"With the Corona virus driving many girls back to their homes with their children (which could even be a truthful thing, in my opinion), here are some ideas to assist you not be bored reception while being productive too," she wrote in one Facebook post.


This Christian fundamentalist believes abortions and sex changes are more damaging than a worldwide pandemic.

The blogger argues these things are “more disparaging to our culture than this virus or the stock market crashing."

In a recent post titled "Fear the Coronavirus", the blogger writes: “Maybe God will use this virus permanently.

Our culture needs an honest awaken call.

"We’re all getting to die sooner or later and far of times things like this cause people to look at their lives more closely.

The religious writer goes on to admit that she isn't a "hand washer" and has been treating her recent colds with elderberry juice.

"We’re experiencing something in our world that has never happened in my lifetime," she continues.

"A countrywide fear of a killer virus with the stock exchange plummeting and thus the longer-term unknown.

it's a scary time for several but should we, as believers in Jesus, consider to the fear?"

Despite a national emergency announcement, social distancing, a medical supply deficit, businesses closing, and a countrywide regulation being applied, Alexander seems to downplay the continued menace.

Alexander does acknowledge that the killer coronavirus could also be a significant threat to our elderly but that “no children from zero to nine have died from it and most kids have mild cases.”


In another post, Alexander advised "bored" women on activates they need to neutralize the house during the crisis, including.

Alexander certainly knows how to mix things up. This statement from the Christian blogger has caused outcry from many social media influencers and stars alike. This is truly an individual’s opinion on females in our current situation.


I guess everyone has the right to freedom of speech. But you must be more responsible for your comments in this global social media driven society.


We have moved on this this type of mindset; we have developed into a fair global community where males and females have the same equal rights.

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