Cavendish Online (Insurance To Meet Your Needs In 2020)


Cavendish Online is the UK's leading online fee-based discount broker of financial services products.


They provide customers with the best value Life Insurance, Pensions and Investments from the country’s top financial service providers.


They achieve this by charging a small fixed fee or by sacrificing a large percentage of commission on a non-advisory basis.


They have consistently been voted the country’s best value provider of financial services products.

Cavendish online: Available products

They offer a wide range of products to suit all your insurance and investment requirements.


List of available products 

Available investments 

  • UK funds

  • Offshore funds

  • ETFs

  • ITs

  • Equities

Income Protection

Income Protection is a policy designed to pay a monthly benefit to you to support you if you cannot work because you are ill or injured.  


They do not typically include cover for redundancy (however, there are other types of policies that can look at this).

Income Protection is there to support you in your time of need. They can help you work out exactly how much income protection insurance you require, and which insurer is best suited to you.

This policy will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Don't delay, reach out and protect you and your family.

For more information and to get a quote please call
03456 44 25 40

Cavendish online contact details

Cavendish online phone number

General enquiries

03456 442 540

Investments and pensions

03456 44 25 44
01392 43 98 54

Life insurance and any other protection products
01392 43 94 37
Or Request a Callback


Cavendish online address

Head Office
Cavendish Online Ltd,
20 Cathedral Yard,

Fareham Office
Cavendish Online Ltd,
Lancaster Court,
8 Barnes Wallis Road,
PO15 5TU

Company Information

They area a thriving e-commerce company, and a recognised change-maker in the protection and investment industry. They provide their customers with the best value life assurance, pensions and investments from the country's top financial service providers.


Voted one of the top insurance companies in the U.K.

Cavendish online Login

For login, click here. Please note you must be registered to log in. You can register your account today.

Cavendish online opening times

Monday to Thursday 9 am - 5.30 pm

Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Cavendish online review

"Great customer service, very friendly staff who cared about us in a difficult time - Thank you" Mary and John, Glasgow. The UK.

"I called them for life insurance information. The staff gave me a quote at a great price in 30 minutes. Easy and super friendly employees. I will be recommending them to my family and friends" Joanne, London, UK.

Cavendish online review, 2020

"Thank you, we struggled to get a reasonably priced quote for our life insurance. Granted there were some issues, however, they came through for us when we needed help.


If there is one thing you do today go and get a quote for your next insurance policy. You won't be disappointed" David, London.

"The best life insurance quote I could find for my husband and me, very friendly staff and user-friendly website" Howard, Birmingham.

Cavendish online review

I highly recommend them for the cover you need for you and your family at excellent rates. JJ, Inverness.

Great customer service. Very experienced employees with good product knowledge. Would use them again, thank you for good financial advice. Karl H, Bristol.

We looked around and found this company very competitive for insurance policies. Visit them for a quote. Frank H, London.

Been with them for many years now, easy to deal with. Our insurance policy is just fine for our needs. We would not go to any other company. Mia K, Cardiff.

Critical illness policy is a standalone financial plan

Critical illness policy is a standalone financial plan that helps you secure yourself against life-threatening illnesses, diseases and disorders that you might suffer from.


The Critical illness insurance is different from health insurance plan in the manner that it typically offers a significantly better pay-out, which can be used as you wish- be it for medical expenses or your daily expenses. 

Before you invest in any critical insurance policy you should seek advice from experts. The plan should cover you and your family for exactly what you need.


Take your time and fully understand what the policy covers. You do not want to find out at the worst time that you are not covered.

Here is a list of the 35 most common critical illnesses that most policies cover.

1. Heart attack
2. Heart valve replacement due to defects or abnormalities
3. Coronary artery diseases requiring a bypass or other  surgery
4. Aorta surgery via thoracotomy or laparotomy
5. Stroke
6. Cancer
7. Kidney failure
8. Fulminant viral Hepatitis or massive necrosis of liver caused by a virus which can lead to liver failure
9. Major organ transplant including Kidney, Lungs, Liver, Heart and Bone marrow
10. Paralysis or Paraplegia including the complete and permanent loss of one or all of the limbs
11. Multiple sclerosis
12. Primary pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 
13. Total and/or permanent blindness
14. Total and/or permanent deafness
15. Total and/or permanent loss of speech
16. Alzheimer’s disease or other degenerative brain disorder
17. Parkinson’s disease
18. Coma
19. Third-degree burns covering at least 20% of the surface area of the body
20. Terminal illness
21. Motor neuron disease
22. Chronic liver disease
23. Chronic lung disease
24. Major head trauma
25. Anaemia due to chronic persistent bone marrow failure
26. Muscular dystrophy
27. Benign brain tumour
28. Encephalitis
29. Poliomyelitis
30. Bacterial meningitis due to inflammation of brain membranes or spinal cord
31. Brain surgery (Craniotomy)
32. Other serious coronary heart diseases caused due to narrowing of the lumen of the three major arteries- the Circumflex, right coronary artery (RCA), and Left Anterior Descending Artery (LAD).
33. Apallic syndrome or the Universal necrosis of the brain cortex
34. AIDS due to blood transfusion in case the victim has contracted it due to receiving infected blood.
35. Full-blown AIDS

The big question, Is life insurance worth getting?

We often see life insurance as an additional less relevant purchase. You know that at one point or another, it will payout. The problem is that you could easily pay premiums for thirty or forty years before you die. So, you might be asking yourself if it’s worth it.  


The answer is yes you really do.

UK Life Insurance Statistics 2020

  •     57% of people had life insurance in 2020. 

  •     In 2019, 270 companies were selling life insurance in the UK.

  •     Only 35% of people with life insurance have sufficient coverage.

  •     55% of people would rather discuss their insurance needs in person. 

  •     32% of millennials and 21% of baby boomers are happy to research and buy their policies online.

  •     3 out of 10 people don’t have life insurance because they don’t qualify. 

Top 10 UK Life Insurance Companies

  1. Scottish Widows - Protect Personal

  2. LV - Flexible Protection Plan

  3. Nationwide Building Society - Multi-Protection

  4. Legal & General - Level or Decreasing Term Assurance

  5. Sainsbury's Bank-Level Term Assurance

  6. Barclays - Mortgage Protection Plan

  7. Zurich - Life Protection

  8. AA - Mortgage Protection

  9. Aviva - Life Insurance

  10. VitalityLife - Comprehensive

Top 45 Life Insurance companies just for you

  1. BUPA

  2. Cavendish

  3. Foresters

  4. Engage

  5. Fidelity

  6. Endsleigh

  7. Citibank

  8. One Family

  9. L&G

  10. Scottish Friendly

  11. Swinton

  12. Bank of Ireland

  13. Unite Union

  14. Churchill

  15. Reassure

  16. RBS

  17. AA

  18. Age Concern

  19. Direct Line

  20. TSB

  21. Marks & Spencers

  22. Old Mutual

  23. Royal Sun

  24. Sun Alliance

  25. Unison

  26. London Life

  27. Abbey Life

  28. St Andrews

  29. Yu Life

  30. Optimum

  31. Countrywide

  32. NFU

  33. Guardian

  34. Police Mutual

  35. Direct Life

  36. Wesleyan

  37. Macmillan

  38. Covea

  39. Clydesdale

  40. Yorkshire

  41. Esure

  42. Staysure

  43. Shepherds

  44. Metrobank

  45. Age UK


Cavendish online app?

At this moment, they do not have an app.

Cavendish online fidelity

CO Investments Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Fidelity International Ltd as of the 2nd October 2020. 

Cavendish online isa


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