Cash back near me, what you need to know

Cash back near me

Cash back nearby.

These days you would struggle to find a local store that gives you cash back.


Due to the struggle most local stores face with the ever-growing online shopping usage.

Local stores are unable to compete with the online giants due to the overheads they pay.


Now days sores pay rent, utilities and tax.

This is driving most small family run business into closure.


The days when you had a local shop run by someone you knew and who knew your parents and grandparents have mostly disappeared.

This is a shame; I personally enjoyed these small benefits from purchasing your item.

Now we use and deal with a faceless trader who has no human interaction driven by the bottom line.


With little overheads and employees, the online industry is dominating the global shopping markets.


Cash back near me

The one advantage of shopping online is that you can earn cash back, there are many sites that offer cash back to you for using their site.


If you define cash back near me as using your PC, then you are fine.


Cash back places near me

The other option for cash back near me is to use your local store to receive cash back (actual money) when you purchase an item.

Step by step guide on cash back near me:

  • Go to your local store

  • Buy any item you desire

  • Go to pay at the till as normal

  • Ask the cashier for your cashback, this is money from your bank account that will be added to your shopping bill.

  • You will receive the item you paid for and the cash amount you requested. This is truly cash back near me.


This is the cash back near me that is different from when you by an item online and receive a small fee back for shopping at a cash back site.

Not money taken and handed to you from your back account.

These are two different cash back near me offers.

Cash back stores near me, pro's and con's.

These days getting cash back on top of your purchase seems very convenient.

Cash back stores near me, there are some pros and cons: Here are some tips.



  • Easy way to put money in your pocket without going to an ATM.

  • You just request the cash you want back on top of your shopping at the store.

  • Most stores do not charge a fee.


  • Some stores charge a fee for your cash back.

  • There may be a minimum cash back amount you must receive.

  • There may be a maximum limit on how much you may request as cash back.

Get cash back from an ATM near me?

An ATM is the most convenient way to get cash quick.

However there are some pros and cons on ATM: Here are some tips.



  • There are ATM's (cash machines) on every cornet

  • Open 24hrs a day

  • Easy to use

  • Multiple notes available



  • Some ATMs (cash machines) may charge you a fee

  • There are some security issues with ATMs, cash machinies

  • There may be a minimum cash back amount you must receive.

  • There may be a maximum limit on how much you may request as cash back.

What petrol stations give cash back in the UK and USA?

What petrol (gas) stations give cash back near me?

There are petrol (gas) stations in every neighbourhood these days. Most are the huge chain type petrol (gas) stations.


How many petrol stations are there in the UK?

There are 9000 petrol stations in the UK (2020).


How many gas stations are there in the US?

There 168000 gas stations in the United States of America.

Here is a list of petrol station's, gas station's that give cash back in the UK and the USA.

UK petrol stations:

  • Tesco

  • Sainsbury's

  • Texaco

  • Asda

  • Morrison's

  • BP

  • Esso

  • Shell

USA Gas stations:

  • Aloha Petroleum

  • Alon

  • American Gas

  • Amoco

  • ARCO

  • Billups

  • BP

  • Buc-ee's

  • Casey's General Stores


  • Chevron

  • Circle K

  • Citgo

  • Clark Brands

  • Conoco

  • Costco brand gasoline

  • Crown

  • Cumberland Farms

  • Delta Sonic - Buffalo, New York

  • Exxon

  • Etna

  • Family Express - Indiana

  • Fastrip