Argos Laptops: What you need to know

When it comes to laptops and great value Argos certainly exceeds expectations. ​This well know brand has built a customer base over its commitment to value for money and great customer service. We have reviewed  Argos and have provided all you need to know to make an informal decision on you next laptop from Argos.

Argos Laptops: What laptop should you buy?

As you would expect Argos has a wide range of brands, sizes and colours to suit all your laptop and tablet needs, You may be a student, home worker or a serious gamer? Depending on what you want from your new laptop will require a certain spend to meet you needs.


We will now review brands, sizes, colours and power requirements.

Laptop Brands available at Argos

  • HP

  • ASUS

  • Lenova

  • Acer

  • Apples

  • Microsoft

  • Huawei

  • Aspire

  • Google

  • Acer NItro

  • HYPA

  • Microsoft surface

  • LG

  • Honor

  • Razer

  • Swift

  • MSI

Laptop colours available at Argos

The most popular laptop colour these days is black, the next most popular colour is silver. These two colours have dominated laptop colour preferences for many years.


However, there are other colours available to meet the more deserving customer. 

There are red, pink, white, and blue colours available to stand out from the crowd, if that is more you.

Refurbished laptops Argos

This is something most people do not now about Argos, they sell refurbished laptops. As you would expect they offer a range of quality laptops at reasonable prices. They offer some fantastic deals on high end products, products that would normally cost you a great deal more if purchased new. 

We would like to add that if you do wish to purchase a refurbished laptop then ensure you compare a new one to a refurbished one. In our experience in some occasions the price can be insignificant.


Therefore for a little more you could get your dream laptop for a bit more cash?